Monday, January 21, 2013


Thank You so much for coming to this blog. I would love to start this blog off introducing a little bit about myself. My name is Dayna and I love to be creative. I am 27 years old right now and have been really into Scrapbooking since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I am #3 out of 6 kids. I love to Scrapbook, clean, read, walk, work with kids, and help people out. I love making scrapbooks for others and using my talent to make something out of the pictures given to me. I am very open about a special guy in my life, my son. I had given him up for adoption and I am very blessed to be his birth-mom. Tho, his story is a whole amazing story in itself and would love to tell you about it if you really want to know. But this blog is about my journey in being creative and sharing with you the blessing I receive as I make a book for someone. Maybe you are looking at this blog and would love for me to make you one, and to be honest, I would love to make one for you with your pictures that you want me to use. Or maybe you want to use some of my ideas that I come up with, or ideas I saw from somewhere else... that is fine too. So enjoy seeing my Creative Scraps that I make and enjoy getting to know more about me. I too would love to get to know you too! :D

A few years ago I was very blessed to make a Scrapbook for my friend's wedding. I had such a blast cutting up their pictures and using their pictures in creative ways. When I do someone else's Scrapbook I try to leave room for journaling. Now, I am not perfect in my scrapbooking as I am not a perfectionist like a lot of scrapbookers are. The Photographers did a great job taking their pictures, and I had fun editing a few pictures a wee-bit.

 This was my second time doing a Scrapbook for someone and for a wedding. I think my scrapbooking skills from my first one has grown so much. I love trying new things and love using what I have in my scrapbooking items. I do look forward to doing my own wedding scrapbook some day. I try to put a bit of the Bride and a bit of the Groom into each page {favorite color, favorite shape...etc}.

I think that is is very awesome when I come up with an idea on my own, and later see someone else doing the same kind of idea in their own way. I often take someone's idea and put my own spin on it. This page of the cake is indeed my favorite layout I created on my own. I had saw a book shelf that was placed together in a very unique way, so I put my own spin on that into scrapbooking. Each time I do the layout, it turns out differently either because of the size of the pictures or the size of the scrap-paper I am using. I think that is why I use that layout more than any other layout I came up with. I do not draw out my layouts, only because it is always different.

I am very blessed that I made them their scrapbook and that they trusted me with their pictures to use how-ever I liked. I was also very blessed to have been at the wedding and share in their memory of saying "I Do!" to each other. I also am very blessed to see their love for each other getting stronger with each year and watching their children {for now a son} grow up.

I will end this post right here. I do have a bunch more pages to share with you of other scrapbooks that I had the blessing to do. But I will not overwhelm you with my awesomeness {just kidding!}. May you have a great and blessed week!

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