Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Brother's Wedding Book!

 Another Scrapbook I did for someone else. I did this one for my older brother's wedding. For this type of Layout, I always placed the pictures wherever I want them to go. I had the Groom-men on one side and the Bride-maid on the other side. I always use colors that are in the pictures and have it for both sides. In this case, I used pink for girl's side and blue for the boy's side, but the green in both. Green is my sister in law's favorite color, so I incorporated green into the scrapbook along with blue which is my brother's favorite color. After I put the pictures where I like them, I cut out scrap-paper to fit into the blank places. Then I tape down the papers and add stickers or little thin items {like buttons or ribbons}.

I have recently gotten into buttons and using them into my pages somehow. With each scrapbook I do, I make it so it will fit the person's interests and personalities yet have "Dayna" in each page. With my brother's wedding book, I had over 200 pictures to work with, so I did not used every picture but a lot of the pictures were very close to each other that I did not have to use every single one {like 4 pictures of the same pose and background but some are blurry or whatever}. For this, Love, I had tied a string in the button and then glued it down to the paper. I then wrote the word "L-ve" with the button as "o". If you had glued the button down, you can still put the sting in the button by "sewing' it onto the paper.

With my brother's scrapbook, I made their first page be their dating/engagement page. My brother had gotten a autographed Red-Wing picture of my sister in law's favorite player and had him write "---{name}--- say yes!" and then my brother got onto his knees and asked her to marry her after she got the picture. And they are now happily married!

With this page, I cut out the pictures and scrap paper into squares with my square-puncher. I then added stickers onto it.

I then made a page of their settings and cake. I have these wood-letters that I keep in ABC order and use as my sketches to trace into the paper I want the letters to be on. I trace them on backwards so that the pen mark isn't on the front or that the letters will not be backwards. I glued on the ribbons that they had on their tables for anyone to have. The ribbons had their names and date on it. I inked the little white envelopes into green to match the ribbons. I had rounded the picture's corners and matted the two bottom pictures. As I am picking out papers to use, I make a pile of what I would like to use and then pick from that pile of what will go with each picture that I am using on the page.

I left room for journaling, which I used transparent paper and inked the edges then added embellishments to them. I kept the pattern for the top the same, just with different pictures. I ALWAYS put the pictures and paper down before I tape them down, because sometimes I may want to change things up before I tape them down.

 In a Scrapbooking Magazine I saw this idea of photo-strips into a shape, so I wanted to try it out. I first cut out a heart in black paper. I then placed the pictures {all the same size... I think I did 2x4in.. but I do not remember right now}. I of course changed the pictures around to where I like them then taped them down. I then cut off the pictures that were hanging off the edges of the heart. I then taped the heart onto a scrap-paper and cut out the heart shape around the smaller heart.

I then taped the heart down where I wanted it {a bit off the edge, and then cut that off too}. I printed a picture onto transparent paper and made a white heart. I then glued the transparent down to the white paper where I liked the picture placement and then cut off the edges. I made a journaling area with a transparent heart that I included heart-shaped braids. I had used white ink on a few stamps for the background.

Of course this isn't every page of the scrapbook, but these are some of my favorite pages from that scrapbook. I think that more I blog, the more details and pictures of what I do will happen. May you have a blessed day!

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  1. this book is amazing! You are really good at taking a simple picture book and making it so much more.