Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

I know it's been a long time since I updated this. It's not like I have not been able to scrapbook, it's just that I have not been able to get onto a computer for a long time. I've been wanting to post this for some time now and think it's a great idea to show how I make something step by step. Well, here is how I make little Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

You will need Black, White, and Red paper. 

 Step 1. Punch out Black circles, you will need 8 of them. {but it won't hurt to punch out more just in case}
Step 2. Punch out Red circles, you will need 3
Step 3. take 4 black circles and cut them smaller {if you have a smaller circle punch, you may want to just punch out 4 of them- for the ears} I just simply use my scissors to make them smaller.
Step 4. is just a pic of what step 3 should look like
Step 5. use a hole puncher and punch out white paper
Step 6. take one Red circle and cut in half
Step 7 take another Red circle and wavely cut it in half
 Step 8. You can either use glue-dots, tape, or whatever, I used my little X-sticker maker for all the pieces.
Step 9. I start putting the pieces together-- for Mickey I take the half Red circle and put it onto a black circle
Step 10. I cut one of the hole-punched circles in half
Step 11. then I put them onto the Mickey's pants like so..
Step 12. I put the ears under the Black circles to make it look like Mickey mouse
Step 13. I then cut out Red and White squares 4x4 for the background {not required}
Step 14. I then put together Minnie Mouse... Put the wavy half circle under a Red circle, then add a bunch of the white hole punch circles onto it
Step 15. what it looks like

Step 16. I then put the 4x4 squares down onto the card {or in this case a small home-made notebook}, then put down the bottom parts of each characters down like so.
Step 17. I then add the head to the body
Step 18. I draw a small bow on a red circle 
Step 19. then i cut it out carefully
Step 20. add the bow

and that is how i make it. I am sure that there are other ways, but this is how i decided to do it. I love making little note-book, and the kids love it too.. For that i just grab about 6 paper and a colored paper for the cover, cut it 10x6 then fold the 10in in half to make the notebook 5x6... then staple it together. Then they can draw in it, add stickers, or whatever they want inside. for the smaller kids, i would cover the cover with tape so that the small pieces didn't get all over the place. :D

Thank you for looking!